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 Boatyard 2019 Fishing Tournament






Next Date:   April 20, 2019
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The Boatyard Opening Day Rockfish Tournament was the Boatyard’s first ever lifestyle charity event.  Anglers Sports Center continues to be the Official Presenting Sponsor.  See the pictures and fishing results from last year’s tournament under Gallery.

Chesapeake anglers excited about the start of the rockfish season can enjoy their favorite sport and support three great causes by entering the Annual Boatyard Bar & Grill Opening Day “Catch & Release” Rockfish Tournament.  Participating fisherman not only compete for great prizes, they also give back to the Bay and their community since proceeds from the tournament benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation®, the Coastal Conservation Association Maryland and the Annapolis Police Department’s Youth Fishing Camp.  By enjoying a day on the water with friends and a fun party, they assist CBF with their “Save the Bay” efforts, help the CCA-MD protect the fishery, and introduce local kids-at-risk to Chesapeake fishing through The Annapolis Police Department’s Youth Fishing Camp  – these kids establish long-lasting bonds with Annapolis police officers at the camp, a two-week program run by Lt. Brian Della.


Opening Day is the first “real” day of Spring for anglers, and the event’s “catch and release” philosophy helps sustain the rockfish population in the Chesapeake Bay.  No fish are brought in to be measured  - the winners are determined from the digital photos of the fish taken next to the Boatyard Measuring Device, better known as the “yardstick” (even though it is 48" long to accommodate the best fish!) or as the "fish-sticks".

It all begins the evening before the tournament, when the captains gather at the Boatyard to pick up their skippers bags, slurp oysters and “trash talk” to the other captains.  On the day of, awards and prizes are handed out and the after-party celebration with live music and great food happens in the Boatyard Bar & Grill’s parking lot - incredibly fun!   PropTalk Magazine is the Official Media Sponsor and with WRNR dj’s, they catch up with the anglers from the 200 or so registered boats and their “fishing stories”.  Our last tournament party was about 1000 strong of captains, anglers, family. friends and locals!

Dick Franyo, the Boatyard Bar & Grill’s owner and event founder, said, “We started this tournament because everyone was out on the water anyway, so giving them a means  to really celebrate the day and help out these important causes caught on.” Franyo added, “We share a passion with anglers for a healthier Bay and preserving the sport of fishing for future generations.”  

“While prizes donated by our generous sponsors, lead by Anglers Sport Center, are important, what the entrants really covet is the winner’s name and outline of fish painted on the rafters of the Boatyard for all time,” said Franyo. “This is what really drives the anglers: knowing that if they win they can bring in family and friends to see their names and fish outlines on the rafters.”  

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Watch FishTalk party coverage!

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The Boatyard bar is proud to be the sponsor of this spring fishing tournament supporting catch and release fishing for Rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay Sixteen years ago Dick Franyo of the Boatyard bar and grill in Maryland sponsored the first lifestyle charity fishing tournament


2019 Sponsors

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2018 Sponsors

Boatyard Rockfish Tournament 2018 Sponsors  

 2018 Catch & Release Tournament Results


 Boatyard Rockfish Tournament 2018 Winners


All Fish Measured

Boatyard Rockfish Tournament 2018 all fishes measured


2017 Sponsors

Boatyard Rockfish Tournament 2017 Sponsors



2017 Catch & Release Tournament Results



Boatyard Rockfish Tournament 2017 Winners


All Fish Measured

Fish to Post2




2016 Catch & Release Tournament Results



Winners to post 1 2016 winners for the spring fishing tournament with Boatyard bar in Maryland


Master List for Fish Check for Post FULL FINAL




2015 Catch & Release Tournament Results


Judging Results 2015 for website WInners


Judging Results 2015 for website Page 1 revised

Judging Results 2015 for website Page 2 revised



2014 Catch & Release Tournament Results



2013 Catch & Release Tournament Results


1st Mike  Adams Retriever Mike Adams   Yellow tandem 42-1/2  
2nd Mike  Gombert Tunacious Allen Fritch Bloody/83 Chart Parachute 41  
3rd Tim Smith Reel Affliction John Stadter Bloody   41  
CCA Danny  Collins Julias Child James Brown Thomas Point White Tandem 40  
  Mike Adams Retriever Mike Adams   Yellow tandem 42-1/2  
  Jim Brown Old Shaky Matt Newkirk South of Thomas   41-1/8  not released
  Mike  Schmidt Fish Bomb Bob Grey 83 Gold Glitter Tandem 40-5/8  
  Jim Boyersmith Search & Seazure Jim Boyersmith Parkers chart chute, white chute 39-7/8  
  Billy  Fox WhiskeyTango Foxtrot Connor Barnes Bloody Point Chart Tandem 39-7/8  
  Keith Fraser AllTackle Brice Worthington 84A Bloody Point Bait 39-7/8  
  Ray Evans Whatever Ray Evans Ches Beach/Western Channel White Tandem 39-1/4  
  Bert Moreland East Bound Tyler Spaldino Popular Isl   39-1/2  
  John Hepler Serendipity Ricky Dickens Bloody & Western Channel White Tandem 38-7/8  
  Jeremy  Crawford Reel Phanatic Jeremy Crawford Bloody Chart Umbrella 38-5/8  
  Larry  Muscatello Freedom Michael Muscatello 86   38-3/4  
  John Hepler Serendipity Chris McQueeney 86 White Tandem 38-1/4  
  Chris Tanneyhill Dream Catcher Chris/Mark Tanneyhill Thomas Pt. Chart Tandem 37-5/8  
  Dale Dirks Heatwave Kelly Dunn Bloody   37-3/8  not released
  Chris  Mikesell A Salt Weapon Scott Mikesell Gum Thicketts White Parachute 37-1/2  
  Chris Deboy Rode Ster Chris Deboy Thomas Point White Tandem 36-1/8  
  Geoff Kaplan Angler Management Alex Kaplan Bloody Yellow umbrella 36-1/2  
  Chris  Mikesell A Salt Weapon Chris Mikesell Brickhouse Bar   36-1/2  
  Lee Slagle Leeway Colin Weirbach Bloody White Chute 36-1/2  
  Scott Morrow Sailfish 266 Steve Fifer Mouth West Chart chute 35-3/8  
  James Reilly Mako Matt Flisher Channel Chart Umbrella 34-3/8  
  Mike Gombert Tunacious Allen Fritch Bloody/83 Chart Parachute 41  
  Tim Smith Reel Affliction John Stadter Bloody   41  
  Danny  Collins Julias Child James Brown Thomas Point White Tandem 40  
  Joe Gukanovich Miss Hattie Joe Bloody   36  


2012 Tournament



Fishing Tournament Photos 2018

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