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C.R.A.B. Regatta

Next Date: August 21, 2021
Even if you don't sail, sign up and support the cause! Boatyard CRAB Cup sponsor thanks

The CRAB Cup benefits C.R.A.B. (Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating – a non-profit organization dedicated to making sailing available for people with disabilities).

2021 will be the 13th Annual CRAB Cup (formerly the Boatyard Regatta) to benefit C.R.A.B.  The Boatyard Bar & Grill’s owner was approached by C.R.A.B. to consider taking over the old Heineken Cup, a fun, friendly, family-oriented pursuit-start Regatta, and have it benefit C.R.A.B.  Dick Franyo had visited The Boatyard in Barbados which holds a Mount Gay regatta and was of course very envious! Enthusiastic about creating his own Boatyard regatta and have it benefit an amazing organization like C.R.A.B., he immediately called his friends at Mount Gay who agreed to sponsor it and to provide those coveted red hats to participants. A Mount Gay resounding “yes” and the Boatyard Regatta, now known as the CRAB Cup, was born.


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C.R.A.B. Photos 2018

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C.R.A.B. Photos 2017

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